Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back For More

Hi Guys!
So, Bidding Something (Or Someone) You Love Farewell Is Basically The Hardest Thing To Do. But Harder Than That, Is When You Become Sorry About It And Wanna Come Back. So This Is The Hardest Post Ever.
After Spending Weeks Seeing Nobody Reads Or Cares About My Blog, Suddenly When I Wrote The Last Post, Magic Seemed To Happen. Several Professionals, Site Editors, Managers, Etc. Started Telling Me That This Is Not A Good Decision At All. And Meanwhile, I Saw That The Iranian Intergalactic Music Festival (Apparently This Name Is Chosen Because The Owners Thought That “Underground” Doesn’t Sound Good At All For A Festival That Big.) Was A Huge Success. Hypernova (Indie), Zedbazi(Rap), The Abjeez(Regae), Persian Princess(Rap), O-Hum(Alternative), Farzad Golpayegani(Solo Project), And Reveal(Rap Were All Good. Some Other Bands Like Tarantists(Metal) And Saloome Feat. Shirali Were Not That Good. But Even Woodstock Isn’t A Complete Success And If You Don’t See A Band That Sucks, You Won’t Realize How Much A Good Band Rocks. Anyway, I Came Back And I Want To Write And I Want To Have Hope And All That Shit.
I Also Come With This Idea. I Want To Make Another Web Page. It’s A Lot Different Than What I’m Doing. I Think It’s Necessary For Iranian Musicians.
Well, Imagine You Want To Form A Band. You Play Guitar, And A Friend Plays The Drums. And The Boy Next Door Sings Well. And His Friend Play Bass. Still, You Need A Keyboardist And A Lead Guitarist. And Look And Look And Look And Look, And You Won’t Find A Good Musician Who Is Also OK With The Genre You Want To Play. And That Is A Major Problem In Iran. Actually It’s The Biggest Pain In The Ass. So, How About You Connect To The Internet And Find Someone Who Can Play In Your Band?
Let Me Give You A Different Example. You Play The Drums And You Are Deeply In Love With Punk Rock. Finding Other Musicians Who Can Play With You In A Band Is Very Hard.
Me And Lots Of My Friends Have These Problems. I Know Some Incomplete Bands. I Know Some Musicians Who Doesn’t Have A Band. But These Guys Don’t Know Each Other. So How About I Make A Website, With Several Sections. One Section For Incomplete Bands, And One For Musicians Who Don’t Have A Band. And I Can Make Other Sections, Too. I’ll Add Them Later. Let Me First Explain The Two Main Advantages.
Musicians Can Email Me And Send Their Information. Name, District, Contact Numbers And Messenger Ids, E-Mail, The Instrument They Play, List Of Accessories, The Bands And Genres They Like, etc. And To See If They Really Are A Musician, They Must Attach A Sample Of Their Job To Their Mail. And They Can Choose If They Want Me To Show The Sample Or Not. Here’s A Sample Of What Will Be Shown In My Site:
Your Picture Here!
Name: John Doe
District: Shahrak Gharb*
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Instrument: Bass
Accessories: Fender 4 String Jazz Bass, Messa Boogie 360 Amp, Boss GT-6B Effect
Favorite Genres: Punk Rock, Indie Rock
Favorite Bands: Rancid, Kings Of Leon, Iggy Pop And The Stooges
Occupation: Student*
Recent Bands: Anti-Flag
Sample: Click Here To Listen To A Bass Line I Made / Covered
Additional Info: I Can Play With Both Fingers And Pick.
Phone Number: 09123456789

* The District Is Important For The Bands To See If You Don’t Have To Travel 10Kms Every Time You Want To Meet Them. Occupation Is Important To See How Much Time You Got.

Also You Can Add Up More Information Anytime You Want.

Bands Can Email Me And Tell Me What Are They Looking For, And I’ll Put Their Info On My Site. But They Also Have To Prove Me That They Are For Real. A Recorded Track, A Rehearsal Session Recorded With A Mobile Phone Or Even A MIDI Of An Original Song Is Enough. They Can Also Choose To Let Me Show Their Proof To Public Or Not.
For Bands, Here’s A Sample

Name: The Joints
District: Haft Houz
Genre: Alternative Rock
Web Page:
Members: Ali (Guitars, Vocals), Kamal (Keyboard), Asghar (Drums)*
Needed Members: Lead Guitarist, Bassist
Additional Info: We Need A Strong Lead Guitarist Who Can Play Some Hard Solos And A Bassist Who Can Play Slap Bass Lines. We Also Have A Dead Room.
Phone Number: 09323232323

*They May Be Someone Who Wants To Form A Band. But He/She Doesn’t Have Any Members. He Can Also Add Himself/Herself.

As You See, This Is Not A Simple Free Blog Or Something. I Have To Pay To Have This Storage And This Site. So I’ll Only Make It If You Think It’s A Good Idea. Also I Want Suggestion On What To Name It. So If I Get 20 Comments Telling Me This Is A Good Idea I Will Make This Web Page. So Comment Me And Tell Me If This Will Be A Good Project Or Not. And What I Can Name It.
I Think It’s A Good Idea Because Not Only We Can Help Lots Of Bands And Musicians To Be Complete And Moving, It Will Automatically Make A Great Archive Of Bands Nobody Ever Heard Of. This Way, Musicians And Bands Can Easily Finds Their Mates.
So Guys, Give Me 20 Comments Till This Saturday, And We Have Our Site.
Buh-Bye For Now

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hi Guys!
I Think This Is The Last Post I'm Posting. I Think Music In Iran Has Come To An End. Well It Ended Months Ago. But I was So Busy Getting Fucked In Several I Didn't Have Time To Tell Everybody About It. So Here Goes The Nonsence Facts About The Underground Act.
First Of All, I Like To Say Fuck You To Each And Every Man In The Iranian Government For Cancelling Some Summer Gigs They Themselves Permitted. Hypernova (Indie Rock), Elohim (Alternative Rock), Aramooth (Thrash/Heavy Metal), The Tarantists (Death Metal), And SDS (Death Metal), Some Which I Don't Give A Fuck About. But As A So Called Reviewer, I Must Act As All Of These Bands Are The Same For Me.
Anyway, Another Fuck Goes For Levik, ex-Lead Guitarist Of The SDS Band, For His Artistic Revenge From His Band. This Idiot Took One Of The SDS Live Tickets To The Police And Told Them That These Guys Want To Advertise Satanism. Now, If Only Someone Could Tell Me (And The Police, And The "Amaken", And The Government) How Can An Instrumental Cover From A Catholic Band, Which Is Covered By Another Catholic Band, Can Advertise Satanism!? Pure Fucking Bullshit!
So, With The Brave Words Of This So Called Musician, Not Only That SDS Band Went To Jail For Sometime, But So Did The Manager Of Taraneh Music Institue, And Beetoven, The Best Authorized Record Shop Of Iran Got Closed, And All Of The Future Gigs Got Cancelled.
The Other Major Problem In Iran Is The Music Fans. I Think It's The Biggest Problem. One Of My Friends Said The Most Beautiful Thing To Me Last Night:"Iran Is Living In The 80s." He's Right. I Mean Nobody Gives Neither A Fuck, Nor Freedom To Someone Who Dress Like A Fucking Viking Warlord, Or Some Chick Who Wears Lord Abbath Make-Ups. Sometimes, I Want To E-Mail J.K.Rowling And Ask Her To Come Over And Choose Some Characters From Iranian Metal Fans (Well Most Of Them, There Are Good And True Ones. I'm Talking About Fake-Ass Ones) For The Next Harry Potter Book. Well Guess What, Fuckers, We Are In The Third Fuckin Millenium, Not The 80s When Lord Abbath And Varge Someone From Some Scandinavian Band Used To Run With An Axe In Some Jungle With Bloddy Hands, Praying For Pagan King To Come. Wake The Fuck Up, Or Get The Fuck Out.
Even Tough Now That I'm Writing This, Some Iranian Bands Are Playing In A Festival In Netherlands, And Some Others Are Touring In Europe, And Some Are Working On Albums, And Probably Some People Are Forming More Bands, I Think, With This Government, These Fans, And Some Of These Bands Who Lives In The 80s, Iran Will Never Become A Place To Live For A Musician.
Well Clearly, I Lost My Hope. If Anyone Still Has Hope, If Anyone Wants To Prove Me Wrong, OR If Someone Wants To Continue Posting In This Blog, Don't Leave Me Comments Here, Contact Me On:
Thanks To Everybody Who Supported Me In This Blog.
Bu-Fucking-Bye, Spottie Aka Kamal Aka Turtle Rat Aka I-Ki-U-San.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hey Guys!
I Got Good News, And I Got Fuckin Bad News…Well First The Good News…
T.A.M.F Got Started Again…Head’s Up For People Who Want To Get Out Of The Underground Phase…
The Best News Is That Some Iranian Are Getting Out…
127 Is Playing In Amsterdam… Check Out The News Section Of Their Official Website
Finally The Bad News…Well Maybe Not So Bad For Everybody…At Least For Me…
The Barcode Band Just split Up Before Anything Happens For Them…Well All Of Us Agree That Playing In A Band For A Year Or So Made Us Better In Playing Our Parts In A Band…But It Was About Time…

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hey Guys! It’s Been a While.
But You Don’t Care
I’ll Answer The Comments Later!
You Know The Deal. When Someone Makes A Blog, At First They’re So Excited About It And Update Soon. After A Short While, Laziness Begins. Same Deal Goes For Me. Anyways, Since The Last Update, A Lot Of Things Are Happening Here In Iran. Several Bands Have Played Live Here And There. Medium, A Thrash Metal Who Plays Original Songs. Hypernova, And Indie Band With Original Songs And Some Covers From The Strokes, Mando Diaou, Franz Ferdinand, And Kings Of Leon. And Some Other Bands. And Some Band Are Planning To Play Live. Like This Thursday, Hypernova Is Playing At Taraneh Institute Again. And This Friday And Saturday, 127 And Alternative Band Sarakhs Are Playing A Live Together. Some Bands Are Seeking For Permission To Play. Like Mine. And That’s What I’m Talking About. Finally We Have A Chance To Prove Iran Isn’t All About Islam And Stuff. Funny Thing Is, Everybody Thought That When Our Beloved President Gets The Power, The Fun Ends. I Think It Has Just Begun. I Missed The Fun Of Medium, But I’ve Been To Hypernova And These Guys Are Great. Wait Till You See Their Album. I’m Not Saying These Stuff Cuz They’re Friends. They’re Just So Cool. And They’re Currently Working On A Demo To Send To Desert Rock Festival 2007, Road To Ozzfest. A Lot Of Bands Are Quite Complete. Only A Bassist Or A Drummer Away. Finally, Iran Is A Place To Live In.
So, You Support And I’ll Quit My Laziness.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'll Be Uploading Soon

Hi Guys!
I'm Kinda Busy, SO I'll Be Updating Soon. Sorry For Being Late. But I'll Update Till The End Of The Week!

Friday, June 16, 2006


Hey Guys! How's It Goin? Well Today I Realized That This Blog Is Another Project Which Have Bit The Dust. I'm Just Another Person Who Tried To Do Something For This F**ked-Up Junkyard Called Iran And Lost Because People Weren't With Him. There Isn't Any One-Man-Revolution In The World, My Friends. If You Want One, You Must Unite And Do It All In Groups. I See Skating In Iran, For Example. If Someone Lands A Perfect Kickflip He Makes Some Kind Of Race And Gathers Some Crowd For Himself. It's Always The "Mr.X Sux-Mr.Y Sux" Thing Around, In Everything In This Country. Or The Iranian Football Team, Or The Government. But Anyways, I Don't Give A Baker's F**k. Cuz I Think Even One Is Enough. I Got Yahya, Siavash, Nick, And A Few Other People Who Check My Blog Time To Time. And It's Completely Enough For Me And I'm Happy. So From Today, I Want To Add A News "Section", Too. I Mean I Thought It's A Little Gay If You Only Put Biography. Cuz Well, 127 Is Not Dead After That Interview, If You Know What I Mean. But Before The News, I Want To Give Answers To The Comments. I Couldn't Wait To Break My Silence. I Mean You All Can Comment Like This But I Have To Post Something New.

Hey Nick, Thanks For Your Support. But Calling Them Chicks Wasn’t The Brightest Idea.

Hey Ted, Thank I’d Like To Thank You Too. Well, Rock Am Ring Is Some Kind Of Dream For Iranian Bands. But It’s Not Unreachable. Well I Have No Comments For The Government Thingy. But Then Again, I Don’t Think The Youth Of Today Have Something In Common With The Ones Who Made The Islamic Revolution. Anyway, With The Filtering Problems In Iran, I Don’t See This Topic Suitable For My Blog.

Well, Siavash, As I Told You These Guys Are Not That Jerk To Do Something Like That. That Girl We Saw Was Just A Little Badass Chuck Schuldiner Wannabe.

Hey Yahya, Again, Thanks For Your Support. I Really Appreciate These Comments. Well, I Think All The Bands Have Their Own Thoughts Which Nobody Can Invade. Maybe These Guys Just Don’t Want To Get Along With The Situation, Tough I Really Think They Should. Cuz They’re Doing Good.

Again, It’s Yahya And Again I Agree With Him. They Can Flag And Filter My Blog Like This. So I Think It’s Not Smart To Write About The Government Here.

Hey There Nina, I Don’t Where The Hell You Guys Gone. I Haven’t Saw You In A Decade. I Quite Agree With What You Say. But I Think People Must Live For Themselves, Not For Others.

Ok, Yahya Here, I Like The Way You Think About Stuff That’s Going Around. And I Agree With You. I Think We’re Dong The Wrong Thing. I Mean We Let Ordinary People Change Us. I Think It’s Us, The Unordinary People Who Must Change The Thought Of Others, Don’t You Agree Nina?

Well, First Of All, I’m Sure You’re Not The Drummer Of Asvaran, Dear Anonymous. And I Think It Says Comment, Not News. And Trash Means “Ashghal” In Iranian Language, While Thrash, The Correct Name Of The Genre You “Tried To” Mention, Means “Koobidan”. Most People Make That Mistake In Iran.

Hey Hamed, Well You Didn’t Have To Be That Aggressive. Anyway, I Don’t Think S.D.S Is Playing To Be Famous. Fame Is An Un-Dodge Able Part Of Good Art, In My Opinion. But I Agree That They’re Not Underground Anymore, Tough I Heard About Some Underground Activity From This Band. However, Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But I Think Iranian People Are Full Of Jealousy. If A Band Is Famous, Then It Sux. That Is The Iranian Nonsense Rule.

I Again Agree With Yahya. I Also Remember Asvaran As A Black Metal Band. And I Completely Respect Diversity Myself. And It’s Good That Yahya Mentioned. You Guys Can Send Me News About Iranian Bands, And I’ll Publish Them. Send Them To My Yahoo! ID, Or Myspace, Or Any Other Place.

Hey There Fallen Leaves, How’s It Goin? I Saw You Guys Today At Ghoory. Anyway, Some People Here And There Also Complain About The Page Upload Problem Of Blogspot. But I Like The Blogspot More Than All Others. Blogfa And Blogsky Sux. And Xanga Is Filtered.

Hey There Ted, I Kinda Knew You’d Defend S.D.S. Armanian Pride, Right? Anyway, I Don’t Agree With You. I Don’t Think Being Underground Made That Band Split. I Think It’s Hunger For Money And The Lack Of Ability To Let The Things Go Their Own Way. We Have To Wait Sometime For Iranian Music To Be A Little Grown-Up.

Hey Anonymous, Thanks For You Support. But Don’t Think Saying Good Things To Me Equals Not Hearing Bad Things From Me. First Of All, Comment Is Somewhere Where You Can Comment, Comment About Anything You Wanna Say. Any Time You Like To. Nobody Thinks Each Person Can Only Comment One Time Per Post. I Think I Have To Decide How To Run Things Around Here. If You Like My Blog, Get Along With Everything And Say Your Name So I Can Know Who I’m Getting The Support From. If You Don’t Like My Blog, Press Alt+F4 Right Now.

Hey Yahya, At Least I Care For Your Comments And I Read Them And Reply. But, From Now On, Let Me Handle These Guys. Ok?

Ok, We Have 1 Comment From The Other Post, I Almost Forgot To Mention This, If I Say I’ll Post After 10 Comments, That’s Not Always Like That. I Mean I Don’t Count Comments. I Don’t Consider All The Posts In The Comments Page As Comments. For Example The Avinar And Asvaran Fight Between Hamed And Anonymous.

Let’s Get With The News Page.

127 Band Is Putting A Europe Tour This Summer. This Is The First Tour An Iranian Band Puts. So Here’s The Dates, And You Get More Information At Their Official Site.

July 14th, At Pohoda Festival, Slovakia
July 22nd, At Nutting Hill Arts Club, London, England
July 25th, At La Fleche D'or, Paris, France

They’re Also Planning Some Lives At Prague And Some Other Cities.

Meera, Is One Of The First Metal Bands In Iran. Altough After Sunich Brand Put Their Name On A Billboard As Big As A Cinema Screen, I Don’t Call Them Underground Anymore, But Yet, I Respect Them And Their Ex-Lead Guitarist, Agah Bahari, Was My Guitar Teacher. Anyways, They Released Their Remastered Album The Return Of Meera Lately.

Khaak, One Of The Competitioners Of T.A.M.F, The Band That Cover “Hey You” From Pink Floyd. They Just Released Their Second Album Named “Bonbaste Andishe” (Means The Dead-End Of The Mind). I Haven’t Heard It But I’m Looking Forward To Buy And Listen To That One.

Also, Thanks To Yahya, I Found This Site Called Which Is A Lot Better Than My Blog. You Can See Lots Of News And Reviews And Other Stuff There. It Also Has A Radio Which Is Good To Listen. This Link Takes You Straight To Zirzamin. Zirzamin Means “Underground” In Iranian Language.

Ok, I'm Waiting For Support And You Guys Wait For A Revoloution

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Problem With The Links

Hey Guys, I Dunno What's Up With The Links
I Can't Correct Them
So If You Click On Link, You Get An Error. Just Erase The Iran Moshpit Address In The Address Field And It'll Be Okay. Thanks For Comments

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Vahshi Band: Interview, Biography

Hi Everybody!
I’m So Sorry Because I’m Posting A Bit Late, I Had A Problem With My Pc. Anyways, Like You All Give A F***. I Absolutely Expect More Comments And More Support. I Made A Profile For My Blog On MySpace To Make It More “Global”. Check It Out! So, First As Usual, Answer For Comments.

I’m Kinda Got Used To Have Siavash As The First Commenter. Well, I Know That Song Rocked All Over You. Because We Heard It Together.

Hey Amin, (Which Amin Are You? Cuz I Know A Bunch Of Them.) If You Saw Puzzle’s Profile On Myspace, You Wouldn’t Say That. Cuz All That Is There Is Songs, Great Ones, And Picture. What I Need Is A Biography. Yeah Jamshid Is My Teacher, I’ll Talk To Him For It When I See Him.

Hey Elnaz. I Really Appreciate What You Do Here In Iran. I Mean We Boys Are Drowning In Shit. What Can A Girl Do? But I’ll Make You Heard I Swear. I Have A Surprise For You, Too.

Hey Nick, Nice “Bombings” Dude! You’re Lucky You Heard That Song. Cuz It’s Something You Won’t Here In A Decade.

Hey Jaghi, Like Yahya, I Prefer Not To Answer You At All. But I Have Some Links For P***ographic Stories Which You May Like. I’ll Tell You On Yahoo Cuz I Know Who The F*** You Are. I Just Don’t Like My Blog To Be Filtered, So I’ll Send Those Links To Your ID. By The Way, I Didn’t Even Know That Tehran Avenue Has Comments, Too.

I Don’t Know Who Are You Mr. That-Link. Anyway, You Are Someone From Metal Archives If I Am Maynard James.

Hey Yahya, I Really Like It When I See You Comment. At Least Someone Likes My Blog. I Know Who He Is And I’ll Treat Him So He Have His Mouth Shot, 24/7.

Again, We Have Greeting From Jaghi. I Think I Know Who I’m Talking With. And I Know Who’s Fake And Who’s Not. I’m Old Enough For That. So You Can Have Your Mouth Shot. And Check Your Own Sites.

Hey Mr. Pishnahad, Thanks For Your Support. I Yet Don’t Have Enough Fans For A Forum But I’ll Do That Soon. I’m Working On A Cool Template. Check My Myspace Profile.

Hey Taraneh, I Think You Can Figure Out If You Read The Discription. Anyway Thanks For Commenting.

Hey Hamed, You Must Come And See What’s Going On. Cuz Iran Has More Than “A Lot Of” Bands.

Hey Anonymous, Yeah I Heard That Myself, Too. Lots Of Bands Did This. Cuz In Iran, Not Everybody Have Studios. So They Have To Put Samples So They Can Record In Their Dark Room.

Hey Nightwolf Band, Maybe He Is Right. And Even If He Is Wrong, No Need To Be So Rude.

Hi Hamid, Yeah I Know That. A Lot Of People Say That To Me. But I Just Have My Own Method. And How And From Where Must I Read Your Blog?

Hey Yahya, Forget That Boy Cuz He’s Half Dead. I’m Working On Him. And Soon, He’s Begging At Your Feet. ;)

Hey Farhang, I Think You Have To Wait More, Cuz I Still Didn’t Do Anything For Puzzle. I Have Something Else That At Least You Will Like More.

So, I Have A Breakup Before I’ll Tell You About Puzzle. Cuz There Isn’t Much Info About Them Just Like Puzzle. I Just Know These Guys. I Don’t What’s Up About Them. Anyways, Last Night, I Was Having Another Interview On Yahoo! This Time Is Took Me More Time. The Interview Was With Two Members Of A Local Band Called Vahshi. Vahshi Means “Wild” In Persian Language.

Vahshi Was Formed In Azar, 1384 (December 2004), When 3 Three Colleges, Elnaz, Drummer, Negin, Vocal, And Nina, Guitarist, Finally Found Themselves A Bassist Called Raha. They Turned The Parking Lot Of Nina’s House To A Dead Room. At First, It Wasn’t Serious For Them. They Just Covered Songs From Pink Floyd And Radiohead. Tough All Of Them Love Gothic Metal. But Then, They Got The Chance To Play In A Goodbye Party. And They Started To Work Out Very Fast. Nina And Raha Both Lived In The U.S For Most Of Their Life. They Wrote English Lyrics About Death And That Love Is Fake And Other Stuff. But Negin Liked The Band To Be A Little Different. So She Started Writing Farsi Lyrics Which All Of Them Loved. So They Decided To Put Farsi Lyrics On Gothic Songs. None Of Them Were That Good At Writing Music. So They Just Put Negin’s Farsi Lyrics On Gothic Songs. Now They Have One EP Which Has 4 Songs. But Elnaz Decided Not To Have Me Put Their Songs On My Blog.

The Lineup:
Negin S. – Vocals, Piano, Keyboard
Raha – Bass, Acoustic, Back Vocals
Nina A. – Lead Guitarist, Rhythm Guitarist, Acoustic
Elnaz – Drums

Here’s The Interview. I’m A, Elnaz Is E And Negin Is N. The Bullshit Between The Parentheses Are The Info I Give To Non-Iranian People.

A: First Of All, Introduce Yourselves.

E: My Name Is Elnaz, 21. I Play The Drums For 5 Years.
N: My Name Is Negin, 20. I’m The Vocal And Pianist Of Vahshi Band. I Write Most Of Our Songs. I Play Piano Since I Was 6. I’ve Been Working On My Singing For 7 Years.

A: Introduce The Band. Anything You Want To Say.

E: The Band Is Called Vahshi. Formed 2 Years Ago. We Have An EP Called How To Die In 30 Minutes. It Has 4 Songs, All Of Them Farsi. Three Original And One Of Them Is “Otagh-e Abi” (The Blue Room) From Sohrab Sepehri.

A: Favorite Bands?

E: Anathema, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle, Immortal, Forest Of Shadows. In Iran, I Liked S.D.S. Their Drummer Is Very Good.
N: Anathema, Death, Deicide, Anthrax, Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson. In Iran, O-Hum.

A: Favorite Original Songs?

E: I Love All Of Them, But “Varooneh” (Inside-Out) Is One Of The Bests Cuz It Has Drum Solo. If Covers Count, I Think One Last Goodbye From Anathema.
N: Well, Definitely Elnaz Is Right, But I Like “Holocaust” More Than All. Cuz I Think, It’s The Best Poem I Wrote. I Like The Transacoustic Cover From Anathema.

A: Well, Most Of Vahshi’s Lyrics Speaks About Materialism. Aren’t You Scared About It? I Mean If You Become Famous, Or Something>

N: Well, Forming A Girl Band In This Country Is Scary Enough By Itself. And Yeah, Add That One Up, Too. But We Never Want To Be Famous. Not Because We’re Scared, But Because We Don’t Want To Be Whores, Like Any Other Girls Who Did Something In Iran.

A: You Played Live. What About That?

N: Yeah, But All Them Were Our Friends. And There Weren’t More Than 30 People There.
E: I Think We Are One Level Lower Than Underground. We Are In The Shadows. I Don’t Think 50 People Have Our EP.

A: Some Of Iranian Bands Spread There Album Outside The Country. Did You Do That?

E: Most Of Nina’s Friends Live Outside. They Spread Our Albums.

A: So You Never Want To Make Money Out Of Music?
E: Well, No. We Just Do It For The Fun.
N: Yeah, We’re Just A Bunch Of Girls Who Wanna Be Different Than Others. We’re Being A Family. And Our Friends Worship Us.

A: If You Could Get Out Of Iran And Spread Yourselves And Become Famous, Would You Do That?

E: I Won’t. All My Friends Are Here. I Can’t Even Imagine Being In Another Country.
N: I Would. But Our Lyrics Are Farsi. How They’re Supposed To Work?

A: Give Us Some Info About What’s Going On In The Band?

E: Well, We Gave You The Bio. To Add Up, The Leader Of The Band Is Negin. We Were Together In University. And We Met Raha In A Party. She Is The Only One In The Band Who Played In Other Bands. We Saw Her Live With “The Missing”, In An Underground Festival. We Have A Good Access To The Underground World Of Tehran.
N: Actually, I’m Not The Leader. I Mean We Play Songs In Our Houses. Then Come Together And Play It. Everybody Complain And Everybody Talks. It’s So Fun Sometimes. Especially When It Gives Raha Migraines.

A: Elnaz, You Said You Guys Have A Good Access To The Underground World Of Tehran. Why Don’t You Manage Some Lives?

E: Because We Don’t Even Wanna Be That Famous. In A Restricted Country Like This, The Underground World Is So Big. I Mean “ZedBazi” (The Most Successful Rap Band Of Iran, In My Opinion) Is Underground, Too. But You Can Hear Them Anywhere. On A 10 Years Old Boy’s Cell Phone, Or On A Stereo Of Some 23 Years Old Madman, Or On A Party Of 14 Years Old Girls, Which They’ll Die To Sleep With Those Guys. We Don’t Want That Much Fame. And It Can Be 100 Times More Dangerous For Us To Be Famous.

A: You Said Earlier, Negin, That You Are Far From Underground. Why You Are Interviewing With Me At First Place?

N: First, Because You Are Young, But You’re Doing Good And I Liked Your Blog. Second, We Don’t Gave You Much Info. We Just Wanted People Know That Iranian Girls Exist. You Know What I Mean?

A: Well, Yeah. But I Can Ask You Anything. This Is An Interview.

N: And I Can Refuse To Answer.

A: Okay. How Can Someone Play Both Rhythm Guitars And Lead On A Live Concert?

E: Nina Didn’t Do That. For Song Recording, She Does It Track-per-Track. On Our Concert, One Of Our Friends Called Arash Did It.

A: Last Question, Will “Vahshi” Ever Comes Out Of The Shadows?

E: Maybe. How Can You Tell? Maybe One Year Later, There’s No Islamic Rebulic Anymore.
N: Yeah, Right.

A: Rate My Blog, Interview, Anything.

E: You Seem To Be Damn Cool Kid. I Rate “Anything” 8 From 10
N: Well, Comparing You With The Experts Gives Us A Bad Result. But For A 16 Years Old Boy In The Heart Of Iran, I Rate You 10.

A: Last Words?

E: I Wish Luck For You And Your Band And Every Other Bands In Iran. I Wish Someday Iranian Bands Can Come Out Of The Shadows, Too. And I Wish, Someday, I Could Walk The Streets Of Tehran Without Wearing A Scarf.
N: I Wish Iranian Bands Can Go Further Than Any Other Countries. I Wish There Can Be Lots Of Iranian Bands In Every Festival. Rocking Together With Metallica, And Green Day, And Pain, And Everyone Else.

Well, Guys, I’m Waiting For Support. Till’ Next Time.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Hasht Band: Info, Review And Song Download

Hi Everybody!
Thanks Again For All Your Comments, But I Expect Even More Support. Ok, So Here’s The Answer To You All.

A.K.C.T Was Again The Leader Of The People Who Commented. Quite True, Siavash. 127 Was The First T.A.M.F Winner In 2003, I Think.

Thanks Elham For Your Support. Yeah, The Reason Which Made Me Make This Blog Is Exactly To Show The World That Iran Isn’t Just A Place Which Terrorist Make Themselves At Home. And Yeah, I Have A Band. We Are Going A Little Slow Due The End Of Terms Exams. But You Will See Our “So-Called” Masterpieces Soon.
Comment Soon And Support Me. The Only Reason I Keep Writing Is You Guys. I Know All This Stuff Myself.

Dear 127 Fan, I Think You Got Your Answers From Yahya. Let Me Add Something. If You Wanna Go To A Concert Of A Band Which Is Top 5 In Some Other Country, You Have To Pay More Than 100$ So Paying 7$ For 127 Seems Fair To Me. And I Heard It Was Also 5 More Bands.

Thanks Yahya For Checking My Blog Time To Time. It Makes Me Feel Good That I Somehow Got Your Attention.

Dear Kiarash, I Don’t Know How Did You Find My Blog. But I Was Happy To See You Found Somewhere. Anyway, Thanks For Your Support.

Dear Anonymous, Even If You Are Which You Are Not. It’s Quite Late. And I’m Sure I Found The Right Person. Point Of Advise, Don’t Like My Blog? Get The F*** Out!

Hey Hadi, You Are The Only One Who Commented Both My Band’s Blog And Mine. Thanks For Your Support And Thanks For Handling Anonymous For Me. Well, I Don’t Like Censoring. Well, Not All People Have To Love It All. I’m Happy I Have Enemies Too. Because It Makes My Friends Worth Even More. And It Doesn’t Matter You Can’t Speak English Well. Comment Me Anytime You Saw Fit.

Dear Elnaz, From Here, You Can Download Any Songs You Want. And No, I Haven’t Heard Of “Vahshi”

Thanks For Your Support, Damoon. Well, We Don’t Any Albums Yet. But You Can See News Of Our Band In Our Blog, Or In Our Myspace Profile. And Thanks Again For Checking, Nigga!

Hey Ted! When Did You Comment? Wow I Appreciate It. Looking Forward To See Your Band Here. And Thanks For That Lie. The “Rock In Iran” Lie.

So Let's Go Back To Out Job...
Today We're Gonna Discuss The Band Called “Hasht”. Hasht Means Eight In Farsi Language. In My Opinion, One Of The Iranian Bands Which Can Rock The Solar System Is Hasht, But As Most Of Us Know, There’s Not Much Information About Them. No Site, No Blog, Nothing. I Don’t Even Know Their Name. They Won The Last Tehran Avenue Music Festival For A Song Called “Mikhandeh” (Means “He’s Laughing” In Farsi) With More Than 200 Public Votes And 7 Experts Vote. Obviously They Deserved More Points, Especially From Experts. They Are One The First Bands Which Put Farsi Original Lyrics In A Rock Song. And Not Any Song, But A Punk Rock Song. And They Did It So Good. I Loved Their Song Myself. And If Puzzle Wasn’t In The Competition With Their Jaw-Dropping Song, I’d Certainly Vote Them. But Again, Their Song Was So Good It Didn’t Need My Vote To Win. The Punk Rock Song Was Great Too. If Anybody Knows Anything About These Guys (Bio, Pics, Info, Website) Please Let Me Know.
So Today, I’m Gonna Review Their Song “Mikhandeh”. Well, I Unlike 127, I Don’t Have The Permission To Do This So Don’t Tell Anyone, ;) . So From Here, You Can Download The Song. If You Got An Error. Go Here And Search For The Song And Download It. With Dial-Up It Takes A While. But It’s Worth It.
The Recording Of This Song Isn’t So Good. Drums Are Over All Other Sounds. But The Effects Are Very Good.
The Song Starts With A Laughter. Then The Main Riff Begins. And You Can Clearly Hear The Drums. But It’s Very Good. I Can Simply Say It’s The Best Original Drums Ever Written By An Iranian Band. And The Drummer Plays His Role Very Good. The Vocal’s Voice Is Very Good. A Punkish Alternate Of The Bush Vocal. The Bass Line Is Good. The Solo Is Simple But Very Good And It Greatly Matches The Song. The Effect Of The Guitar Is Very Good, Too. Throughout The Song, The Bass Line And Drums Are Clearly Getting Hold Of Your Mind. I Enjoyed The Song A Lot Myself.
Hey Hasht Band, If You Can Hear Me, Please Spread Yourself In The World. Cuz You Can Make Iran Global In Rock Music. It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Weightlifting That Iran Is Famous For. So You Guys Must Rock The World. Come Out Of The Shadows And Into The World Of Underground.
I Rate This Song 9 From 10. Well "Nothing Is Everything", Says Chuck Schuldiner.

Next Band I'll Review After 10 Comments, As Usual, Is Puzzle. If Anyone Knows Anything About Them, Let Me Know

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127 Band: Bio, Interview With Yahya Alkhansa, Review

First Of All, I Really Was Stunned When I Saw 7 People Commented Me In Less Than 4 Hours. I Like To Thank You All For Your Support. But I’ll Be Glad If You Comment In English. Cuz Iran Must Go Global, And I’m Starting With This Page.
It’s Time To Answer You All.

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We Play Punk In The Barcode Band If That’s What You Mean Mr. S4t4n1c f0rc3s, But Our Band Has Its Own Blog. Visit Us There And You’ll Find All The Answers.

Thank You Shaghayegh Siah. Check My Blog Time To Time And Help Me And Make Me Happy With Your Comments. I’ll Do My Best To Make This Blog Great.

As You Can See If You Open Your Eyes And Look At The Northeast Of My Page, I’m 16. Ms. Negin. Anyway, Does That Matter? Am I Underage For Listening To Good Music? Age Is Just A Number My Friend.

I Totally Agree With Farhang. This Is The Reason I Made This Blog. S.D.S Is Good, But Not The Best. And People Must Know. I’ll Upload Fast If You Guys Comment Fast. So I Can Know I’m Writing For A Damn Reason. And Yeah, I’m Thinkin About A Festival. The Only Undone Things Are The Bands, The Amps, The Location, The Security, And The Fans! What Is Done? Nothing!

I Will Put Links To Download Songs Here, Mr. Behrad. But First, I Need permission. Not That I’m Afraid Of Copyrights, Cuz There Is No Such Thing In Iran. But I Respect Bands.

I Didn’t Actually Get Who You Are Mr. Slash. But If You Can Help Me, I’ll Be Glad. And I Can Do My Jobs If You Guys Do. You Comment. I’ll Let You Know What’s Up.
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Hey Matt! Be Aware Of Something. Iran May Be Islamic Republic. But If You Have The Money And The Guts, You Can Drink, F***, Play Rock, And Anything You Guys Do In NY.

Yeah, I Agree. Many May Not Understand English. But Then Again, Maybe Someone From America, Like The Person Above You, And The Girl Below You, Want To Know What’s Up. And The Other Good Thing Is People Will Go And Learn.

Yeah, Vicky. We Do Lots Of Things Underground. Wait Till You See More.

Dear Anonymous, I Don’t Wanna Make A Revolution With This Blog. I’m Just Trying To Let People Know That Iran Has Some Bands Which Will Rock If They Let Them Breathe.

And Last Comment, Like I Say I’m Workin On It, Shahram. And My Band Is Almost Ready To “Rock”.

Spread This Blog, And Keep The Comments Coming…

Ok. Today I Want To Show You Guys Something Quite Good, Cuz You Did A Good Job And Commented Me.

The First Band I’ll Let You Guys Know Is 127. Check Out Their Well Customized Site At It’s Very Good. You Can Find Pics, Lyrics, Everything. So Read On…
127 And The Cassettes
This Picture Is Taken By Mehraneh Atashi.

127 Was Founded in 2000 by a group of young Tehran artists and art students, 127 has found itself at the center of progressive cultural change in Iran.The band's music melds Iranian melodies and jazz with an alternative sound.The band's lyrics tell of the frustrations and joys of life, somehow managing to speak of their cultural time and place, while simultaneous reflecting
universal frustrations of isolation, frustration, and hope.
127 is a 5 piece band -guitar,piano,trombone,bass and drums.
the group has become a lighning-rod for international media attention. Through humerous articles and broadcasts in the western media, the group's website receives thousands of hits a month from a growing international listeners.
127 has also composed the original sound-track of the French/German Television's Arte production "Emamzade Internet"- a documentary directed by Reza Haeri- with the song "Digital
Divide". a short documentary named "127,an Iranian band" (by Reza Haeri) aired by UK channel 4 of June, 2005 gained an intresting respond from British audiences, 127 was also the feature of a Swedish documentary aired in January of 2005.
In addition to these television appearances, their music has reached radio around the world, and has been covered by major print media from Germany to the UK and US.
The band has been invited to perform at 2005 SXSW festival in Austin\Texas but somehow they had to miss that opportunity! But They Didn’t Miss It Twice. They Were There At 2006.
127 recently has performed couple of gigs in Italy amongst Arezzo Wave Festival on july 15th 2005 at the main stage and gained a notable attention among audiences and press.
on october 2005 performing in New York, Washington and Cambridge; 127 was the first Iranian rock band toured in United States.
127 has not released any records yet because of the country's situations the band is now seeking for the permission to release it's first record.

Sohrab Mohebbi - Vocals, Guitars
Shervin Shahami Pour - Vocals
Sardar Sarmast - Piano, Accordion
Salmak Khaledi - Trombone
Alirea Pour Asad - Bass
Yahya Alkhansa – Drums

I Accidentally Found Yahya Alkhansa On An Iranian Community. And I Interviewed Him Last Night. It Took Us More Than 2 Hours. I Think Nobody Has Ever Interviewed Someone In Yahoo! Chat. I Found Yahya Quite Interesting. He Was So Kind And He Really Did Me A Favor To Answer All Of My Questions (Which Was Bullshit), And He Answered Completely. It Took Me And Extra 3 Hour To Translate, Edit And Finalize It, So I Expect You All To Read.

So Here’s The Interview. Arya (Me) Is A And Yahya Is Y.

A:Introduce Yourself. Name, Age, Years Playing The Drums, Years In Band, etc.

Y:My Name Is Yahya Alkhansa. I’m 24. I’ve Been Playing The Drums For 9-10 Years. I’m The Drummer Of 127 Since 1382 (2000). I Had Played In Some Bands Before 127. But None Of Them Was As serious As 127. I Had Played For Sarakhs Band In Some Concerts. And Before That I Played For Octave, A Cover Band Which Covered 70s Rock Songs.

A:Well, Considering 127 Is One Of The First Rock Bands In Iran, What Gave You The Idea Of Forming A Band In A Country Like Iran?

Y:Well, We Never Actually Decided About Forming A Band. It Was The Music That We Love From The Start. The Music We Love To Play. That Was The Thing That Made Us A Band. Not Like Someone Decides To Form A Band And Start Looking For Musicians.

A:127, I Think, Is The Only Iranian Band That Has Played Live In Other Countries. Tell Me, How Does It Feel To Play In Front Of A Zillion People?

Y:Obviously, It’s Very Satisfying. One Satisfaction Is Playing In Front Of Lots Of People. But More Satisfying Than That Is When You See They’re Enjoying Your Music. I Don’t Like It For The Fame. But For The Love I Have For Playing.

A:Have You Ever Been To A Live Yourself? Like As A Fan? And What Bands?

Y:I’ve Been To Some Lives In Iran. And Some In America, Like Leo, A Brazilian Band. Or The Cassettes, American. Or Auktyon, Russian. But The Best Live I’ve Been To Was Mark Knofler Live In Dubai, 1 Year Ago, Which Was One Of The Best Days Of My Life.

A:Are You Satisfied With The Instrument You’re Playing? I Mean Weren’t There Times Which You Like To Be A Guitarist, For Example?

Y:Never. I Always Liked Drums. I Like Piano A Little. But Not Like The Drums.

A:Favorite Bands? And Favorite Iranian Bands?

Y:Jethro Tull, Dire Straits, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd, Camel, Eloy, SuperTramp, Red Hot Chilly Peppers. Normally, I Like The 70s Rock Bands.
In Iran, I Like Ohum. Lately I Know A Band Called Hypernova Which I Like Their Music Too.

A:Have You Ever Gave Autograph To Someone?

Y:In One Of Our Lives Here, Some People Asked For Autographs. I Don’t If They Were Really Wanting Autographs Or Not, But We Gave Them Autographs.

A:Other Than 127, Have You Ever Dreamed Of Playing In Another Band?

Y:As Bands, No. But There Are Musicians I Play With Sometimes. Like Henrik, A Swedish Guy In Iran Which I Played In Concerts For Him. And I Can’t Say Anything About Other Bands. Imagine Me Playing For Jethro Tull. ;)

A:Does 127 Have Any Side-Projects?


A:So, I’m Taking This Way Too Personally. Tell Us A Little About Your Band. Who’s The Leader? How Close You Guys Are? Who Writes The Music And Lyrics?

Y:We Don’t Have A Leader Like That. But Our Frontman Is Sohrab Mohebbi. We Are Great Friends. Our Relationship Is More Than Just Friendship. We Are Like A Family, Actually. We Write Songs Together, The 6 Of Us. And Sohrab Writes All The Lyrics.

A:Do You Still Have Any Lives In Iran? Or Are You Planning To Have Some?

Y:Sure. We’re Playing In A Festival This Thursday. In Tehran University. And We Will Play If We Can.

A:What’s Your Opinion About A Big Festival In Iran?

Y:Well, Obviously That’ll Be Great. I Mean With Good Programming, This Music Has Enough Fans In Iran To Make It Big. There Has Been Festivals Here And There, But None Of Them Had Good Management. In This Country, Everything Suffers From Lack Of Management.

A:Does 127 Play For The Money? Or It’s Love For The Music?

Y:Well, It’s Not For Making Time Pass, And Not For The Money. It’s Our Love, The Best Thing We Have. But Like All The Bands, We Like It To Have A Fair Income, Too. And It’s Quite Hard In A Country Like This.

A:Do You Think Iran Rock Music Has A Future?

Y:It’s Not Quite Possible If It Goes On Like This. I Mean I Agree That There Are A Large Amount Of Bands Already, But There Has To Be A Lot Of Other Factors To Make Music In Iran An Industry Like It Is In Other Countries.

A:What Is The Biggest Number Of Fans You Played In Front Of?

Y:I Think, In On Of Our Italy Lives, Cuz They Were Open Air. People Just Kept Coming As We Played, And I Think They Finally Reached 1000.

A:Which One Of Your Lives, In Your Opinion, Is Your Best?

Y:I Think It Was The 2006 South By Southwest Festival In Texas. Cuz We Played Very Good And The Fans Were Awesome Too.

A:Has Any Bands Covered Your Songs?

Y:Not Yet, But One Of My Friends In Iran Has A Band And They Want To Cover One Of Our Songs. Crazy Kid, I Think. Also Once A Drummer From Atlanta, America Mailed Me About New Sky. I Don’t Know If They Covered It Or Not, But He Asked About Its Drum Line And He Said They Like To Cover The Song.

A:What Is Your Favorite 127 Song?

Y:Wow, That’s A Very Hard Question. It’s Like Asking A Mother Which One Of Your Children Is Your Favorite. I Mean Each Of Us In The Band Has Some Favorites. If I Name One I Remember The Others. But I Can Name The New Sky, Miss You, And Overdrive.

The Quiz
A:You’re Playing Live. Some Fan Comes On The Stage And Tries To Stop You From Playing. You…
1. Ignore Him And Play
2. Let Him Do What He Wants And When He’s Done, Continue.
3. Fight Him

Y:At First I’ll Try To Ignore Him. If He Wants To Do Something Physically, Well That Depends On The Security Level Of The Stage.

A:Some Jerk Insults You, Your Band, Your Music, Everything. What Do You Do?
1. Mind Your Own Business
2. Try To Convince Him He’s Wrong
3. Fight Him

Y:Obviously, None Of Us Choose 2. If It’s Sardar Or Almak Or Sohrab, I’ll Say 1. But I Obviously Choose 3. I’m Such A Fighting Person. ;)

A:A Member Of You Favorite Band Calls And Offers You To Leave 127 And Play For Them. You
1. Accept Immediately
2. Refuse And Say You Have A Band

Y:I Won’t Ever Leave My Band Ever. I Will Play In One Or Two Concerts Till The Point Where It Doesn’t Hurt My Band. But I’ll Never Completely Leave. They May Be Very Good. But When I Play In My Own Band, It’s My Voice, My Thoughts. I’m Not Myself Anymore If I’m Somewhere Else.

A:Rate My Blog, My Interview, Everything. From 10?

Y:It’s Gay If I Rate 10. So 7.25

A:Last Words?

Y:I Don’t Usually Have Last Words Or Something. I Just Wish That The Music In Iran Gets A Better Condition.
127 Band
TEHRAN, IRAN 2005 - 127, The first iranian rock band to play in the USA since the islamic revolution.The iranian underground rock band 127 in a suburb of Tehran, where they practice in an old greenhouse that they sound-isolated and built into a rehersal room. Center: Sohrab. Left To Right: Salmak, Alireza, Yahya, Sardar, Shervin

127 And The Cassettes
127 Band And The Cassettes

The Pictures Were Taken By Chris Maluszinski/MOMENT

I Checked Their Profile On Myspace And I Saw A Good Song Called Walk On. It’s Been Recorded In A Very Good Quality. And You Can Download The Live Version In Their Website.
The Song Starts With A Piano Solo, Which Gives Kind Of A Horror Feel. After Three Bars, The Guitars Enter, Followed By Drums And Bass. Then Guitars Will Fade And Vocals Start. The Vocals Is So Good, And Lyrics Are Jaw-Dropping. The Music Follows A Strange 12 Bar Feel. Well, Actually, It’s The First 8 Bars Of A 12 Bar. After 8 Bars, The Rhythm Change, And Guitars Enter Again, With Trombone This Time. Then The Rhythm Gets Fast On Guitars A Little. Then The Second Verse Start, Followed By Chorus 2, Which Are Exactly The Same As Verse And Chorus 1. After The Chorus 2, A Very Good Bridge Links The Song To A More “Major” Feel. Then Starts A Trombone Solo. The Third Verse Starts In A Different Feel, And Here You’ll See How Smartly The Music Is Written, Cuz It’s The Same Rhythm In Verse 1 And 2. After A While The Vocal Voice Becomes A Little Low, And Back Vocals Enter. A Good Back Vocal Voice. Then Comes My Favorite Part Of The Song. After The Vocal Says The Sentence “Here Comes The Drums”, All Instruments Stop And You Only Here Drums, Then Trombone Enter Again And Gives A “Marsh” Feel. Then Piano And Bass Enter Again. This Is The Most Jazz Part Of The Whole Song. Then The Chorus Starts Again, With Back-Vocals This Time. The Ending Isn’t As Good As I Expected. I Don’t Like It When Vocals And All Other Instruments Stop Together. But If Someone Likes It This Way, Then The Ending Is Good. And In My Opinion, This Song Can Use A Good Fermata Ending.
The Lyrics Are Good And The Song Is Awesome. And I’m Telling You, These Guys Have A Gift. I Never Saw Any Bands Blend Jazz And Rock Like Them. From 10, I Rate This Song 9. And You Guys Can Rate In Comments, Too.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Hi Everybody!
From Today I Want To Start Reviewing The Rock/Metal Bands In Iran. Mostly, The Underground Bands. And I Need All The Help I Can Get From You Guys! So Leave Me Comments If You Know Some Bands. And Links To Download And Everything.
So Let's Get This Blog Started!
P.S: I Can Use A Few Great Partners For This Blog. So I'm Waiting For Your Comments.

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